Get your creative ectoplasms flowing with our fun and interactive Halloween craft workshops for Halloween 2021.

Planning for the spooky season is well underway and, as an events agency, we are of course offering amazing entertainment, theming and all of the other fun traditional options.

However, fresh for 2021 our event management company is proud to be offering some amazing crafty alternative Halloween entertainment options. Our Halloween Craft workshops are for the lovers of all things Halloween and craft.

We wanted to provide a wide range of creative Autumn and Halloween workshops to help celebrate the Autumn months. Many of the workshops are suitable for all ages and backgrounds and offer a great alternative to the traditional entertainment you see throughout the Halloween season.

Reasons to Book A Halloween Craft Workshop

Gore, jump-scares and horror aren’t for everyone. Many people love celebrating Autumn and Halloween but don’t love the typical spooky offerings.

We’ve found that although there is a huge demand for the typical Halloween entertainment, theming and parties, there is also a wide client base who want to do something fun and relaxing when celebrating Autumn and Halloween.

Our Halloween craft workshops are great for:

  • Creative corporate events
  • Seasonal Team building
  • Crafty private parties
  • Alternative Halloween parties
  • Younger audiences
  • Family Events
  • Seasonal public workshops
  • Retail and attraction based workshops

Some of the benefits to booking a Halloween Craft Workshop include:

  • Learning a new skill
  • Celebrating Halloween in a calm and relaxing way
  • Appealing to lots of different people
  • Creating something you can keep

Halloween and Autumn Craft Workshops Available To Book

Without further ado, we’d love to share with you some of the amazing Halloween craft workshops available to book for Autumn/ Halloween 2021.

1. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is one of the most popular activities throughout the month of October. Not only is it great fun for all ages and abilities, but it is also a great way of creating Halloween decor.

Our brilliant pumpkin carving queen offers both Live and virtual Halloween pumpkin carving workshops. We will supply all the equipment you need to create a fantastic carved pumpkin, as well as providing group and one on one tuition.

Furthermore, we can also provide branded pre-carved pumpkins to corporate clients. These are great as part of a product launch or brand awareness campaign. We have also worked with large brands to create pumpkin carving workshops for influencers as part of an Autumn/ Halloween activity to partner with their new product launch.

We have also worked with large scale attraction companies to run week-long pumpkin carving workshops that the public can book on to.

Therefore, whether you’re looking to host a private workshop or corporate event our pumpkin carver is a great Halloween craft workshop option.

Pumpkin Carver surrounded by carved pumpkins, book as part of our Halloween craft workshops.

2. SFX Makeup Workshop

Our SFX makeup workshop is great for makeup and theatre lovers who like to get creative.

In this workshop, you will be taught by an expert SFX makeup artist how to create your very own horror looks. However, it doesn’t have to be all gore and horror. Our SFX makeup artist can create all kinds of looks that can tie into the spooky season.

From cuts and burns to aliens, devils and zombies. When booking your SFX Makeup workshop you can decide what kind of looks you’d like your group to re-create, tailor-making this Halloween craft workshop to your exact specifications.

Not only is our SFX makeup workshop a fun and creative Halloween craft workshop, but it will also give the attendees the skills they need to re-create these looks at home.

This workshop works well as a corporate team-building option, a fun educational workshop for students and theatre groups as well as a great private Halloween party activity.

SFX Makeup Workshop instructor giving demonstration to pupils.

3.Autumn Wreath Making

There has been a rising trend in recent years that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas but for all other seasons as well. Therefore we are offering a brilliant Autumn wreath making workshop as part of our Halloween craft workshops available to book.

Available both live and virtually, each attendee will receive all of the equipment they need to create their very own Autumn Wreath.

Our expert florist will guide you through the activity showing you how to build your wreath base as well as how to fill your wreath out. Using both dried and fresh flowers and foliage you will be able to make a beautiful Autumn Wreath.

This activity is great as a team building activity as well as a good option for corporate events. We have also provided our Autumn Wreath making workshop to lots of private groups.

Dried flowers autumn wreath made in our Autumn wreath making workshop.

4. Halloween Chocolate Making

For many people Halloween is associated with lots of sweet treats, therefore we are offering a brilliant Halloween chocolate making workshop as part of our Halloween craft workshops.

In this workshop, you will learn how to make your very own pumpkin spiced truffles using rich, high-quality chocolate. Our expert chocolatier will talk you through each step showing you how to make the delicious pumpkin spice truffle filling as well as how to correctly temper chocolate.

This Halloween craft workshop is a great adult alternative to trick or treating. Furthermore, once you have learnt the method you will be able to recreate these truffles again and again at home.

Our Halloween chocolate making workshop can be offered online or virtually.

Virtual Chocolate Making Workshop host talking to the camera. Our Virtual Chocolate Making Workshop is available to book today.

5. Floral Pumpkin Arrangement Workshop

Love pumpkin season but want something a bit different to pumpkin carving? This Halloween craft workshop is just for you. Our floral pumpkin arrangement workshop includes seasonal blooms and pumpkins to create a beautiful autumn centrepiece.

Our expert florist will provide you will all of the equipment you need to create a beautiful pumpkin filled with flowers. Showing you how to correctly prep, trim and arrange a floral bouquet inside of your pumpkin using complementary textures and colours.

We love this Halloween craft activity as it puts a spin on how to use pumpkins. Furthermore, each attendee can make something that’s completely unique to them.

Available for corporate team building, product launch events, private parties and more.

Pumpkin filled with seasonal flowers create at floral pumpkin making Halloween craft workshop.
Pumpkin filled with seasonal flowers create at floral pumpkin making Halloween craft workshop.

6. Autumn Candle Making

As the nights draw in many of us will be lighting up our favourite smelling candle and enjoying the chillier evenings. If this sounds like a bit of you, why not book our Autumn candle making workshop.

In this Halloween craft workshop, you will learn all about fragrance pairings, the pros and cons of different wax types and of course how to make your very own candle. You will be able to explore lots of different fragrances including pumpkin spice, toffee apple, toasted marshmallow and more.

Each attendee will then be able to make their very own Autumn candle with their chosen fragrance.

This workshop is available to do both virtually and in person and all of the equipment needed will be provided in our special candle making kits.

Candle surrounded by conkers created in Autumn candle making workshop

We hope we’ve inspired you with some great Halloween craft activities for Autumn 2021. Get in touch with our team today if you’re interested in booking any of our services.

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