We love Halloween parties as there are so many creative Halloween themes to choose from. Whether you go for a classic Halloween themed party. Or perhaps an alternative theme. There are so many unique Halloween theming options to help you throw the best Halloween party.

So with all these amazing options how do you choose the best theme for your party? Don’t worry we can help with that! As expert party and event planners, we know how to throw incredible themed parties, guaranteeing your guests a good time. Therefore, meaning that we can also suggest the very best Halloween party themes.

In this blog, we’re going to talk you through our top 20 favourite Halloween party themes and how you can incorporate each theme into your event.

Therefore whether you’re hosting a creepy Halloween party full of spooks for a big group of horror-loving adults, or perhaps you’re throwing an Autumnal themed Halloween party perfect for getting your craft on and capturing some instagrammable moments. We’ve got you covered!

Things You’ll Need To Consider For Your Halloween Party Themes

Regardless of which Halloween party theme you choose, there are some universal elements that you’ll want to consider for your Halloween event.

These include:

  • What food you’re serving
  • Where you’re hosting your Halloween party
  • Who are you inviting
  • What does your venue space look like
  • What decorations will you need to buy
  • Are you booking entertainment
  • How many guests will be attending

All of these questions are things you’ll want to consider for your Halloween party. Then, once you have picked your theme you will be able to answer more detailed questions such as:

  • What decorations do I need to buy or hire
  • What costumes will my guests and I be wearing
  • Specifically what entertainment will go well with my Halloween party theme

Halloween Party Themes

Below are our top 20 Halloween party themes. Including lots of inspiration and ideas on how to make them extra special. If you’re looking for more ideas and inspiration check out our Halloween theming and Halloween entertainment pages.

1. Classic Halloween

Ok, so we had to start with a classic, an oldie but a goldie. If you’re thinking of planning a Halloween party using the classic Halloween theme we expect to see the iconic Halloween options.

We’re talking cobwebs galore, lots of dark draping and spooky lighting, as well as some of our favourite Halloween classics including gravestones and cauldrons.

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without fancy dress, and for your classic Halloween party theme, we expect guests to go traditional. We’re talking, witches, vampires, zombies and things that go bump in the night. Fancy dress is one of the best and easiest ways to get your guests instantly involved in your Halloween party theme.

If you’re planning a classic Halloween party we suggest incorporating black, orange and gold colour palettes and creating lots of shady corners for monsters to lurk in.

Decapitated dolls heads, gravestones and candelabras covered in cobwebs used for Classic Halloween themed party.

2. Monster Mash

This Halloween party theme is all about the old school monsters. From Mummies to Werewolves, Frankenstein’s Monster to Dracula. Imagine the coolest dance party but all of the attendees are monsters!

It goes without saying that you most certainly will have to include the iconic ‘Monster Mash’ song by Bobby Pickett- we guarantee this will get everyone into the spooky spirit.

For the Halloween party decorations, you could theme areas of the party space to tie in with the classic monsters in attendance. Therefore, you could have one corner filled with coffins, stained glass windows and bats. Another filled with hieroglyphics, a sarcophagus and trailing bandages, and perhaps even a corner filled with test tubes, machinery and broken restraints.

For this party to be a true success costumes are essential. Create hype and excitement for your monster mash party by asking guests what they’ll be wearing and even suggesting different costumes. You could even create characters for each of your guests and send them out on the invitations.

Mummy, Grim reaper and Dracula costumes to wear for Halloween party theme monster mash.

3. Twisted Circus

Twisted circus has got to be one of our all-time favourite and most popular Halloween party themes. With so many sources to draw inspiration from and the ability to include all sorts of references from popular films and TV programmes, this Halloween party theme is great if you’re looking for a theme that you can put your own personnel spin on.

Think creepy clowns, twisted palm readers and zombie circus animals, you can incorporate all kinds of props and decorations into this theme.

Personally, as experienced event managers, we love incorporating Halloween entertainment into this theme. Just like the real circus, you want your twisted circus to feel busy and slightly overwhelming. By having all kinds of different spooky entertainment options you can transport your guests into the creepy circus of their nightmares.

We particularly love including creepy palm readers and fortune-tellers, sinister contortionists, fire breathers, giant clowns and even snake charmers.

By incorporating varied entertainment, you’re sure to create an unforgettable twisted circus Halloween event!

Fire performer, contortionist and twisted circus theming used for twisted circus themed Halloween party.

4. Haunted House

Whether you’re taking inspiration from Disney’s haunted mansion, or perhaps the more sinister murder house from American horror story, this party theme is great for scary movie lovers.

The spooktacular thing about using a haunted house theme for your Halloween party is that it works so well in your home as well as in a hired venue space. Therefore, if you’re thinking of hosting your Halloween themed event at home, then this theme will really make the most of your space.

It is important to remember to decorate every room your guests will go in as this will add to the immersive feel of your haunted house theme.

A haunted house themed party wouldn’t be right without a few jump scares. Therefore, consider incorporating some elements that will make your guest jump. Perhaps, there could be walkabout entertainment that hides behind doors. Or even animatronic props and decorations that have motion sensors attached.

Selection of three different Halloween Themed Party Haunted Houses.

5. Harvest Festival

If you’re looking for a slightly different and less spooky Halloween party themes option then perhaps our Harvest Festival theme could be a great option for you.

A big focus of any Harvest Festival themed party has got to be food. For this party theme, we suggest getting your catering to create big grazing boards full of colourful seasonal treats. You could include charcuterie boards and sweet treat selections as well as a help-yourself popcorn bar.

In terms of decorations, incorporate Autumn colours as well as hay bale props, scarecrows and dried flower arrangements. You could also consider incorporating this with certain Thanksgiving traditions.

We love this theme for family fun day events as well as Autumn themed events.

Harvest festival decorations, grazing board and snack station for alternative Halloween themed party idea.
Image source Pinterest

6. American Horror Story

To date, there have been a total of 9 seasons of American Horror Story, all of which have been set with different storylines and plots. From Coven to Freakshow, Asylum to Apocalypse. The great thing about using American Horror Story as your inspiration for your Halloween party theming is the number of options available.

When thinking about props and decorations it is a good idea to know what season of American Horror Story you’re choosing to work with. This way you can be really selective and buy or hire the props and decorations which will create the most impact.

Depending on the size of your party and the number of guests in attendance, you may want to consider allocating characters to each guest. Creating fun and interactive elements for your party. Additionally, you may also want to consider creating bespoke cocktails, inspired by the seasons to serve guests when they arrive at your party.

Freak show posters, American horror story signage and asylum contortionists booked for American Horror Story Halloween party theme.
Middle image credit Pinterest

7. Science Experiment Gone Wrong

So many horror series and films have been created around the subject of science experiments gone wrong. From the notorious Frankenstein to Jurassic Park, The Cure to Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. Therefore, you can either use a popular culture film to base this Halloween party themes option on. Or alternatively, you can go for a classic destroyed science lab set-up.

If you’re choosing to go with the classic science lab set up you can use lots of different test tube pots and fill them with all kinds of coloured liquids and even fake body parts if you want to be particularly sinister. You could also use caution and no entry tape as well as bio-hazard suits to decorate your venue space.

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your guests you could perhaps incorporate an escape room element into your party where your guests have to work out whats happened to escape.

Additionally, you may want to hire paid actors to create a storyline and narrative for your guests to follow.

Alien monster character, escape room digital display and mad scientist performers available to book for Science experiment gone wrong Halloween party theme.

8. Twisted Alice

We all know and love the story of Alice In Wonderland, however, have you considered throwing a Twisted Alice in Wonderland party? Fall down the rabbit hole with this sinister Halloween party theme and create your very own creepy wonderland.

Capture the dark and creepy side of Alice in Wonderland by creating extra large and imposing props to play with the perspective. You could also include an afternoon tea party but instead of delicious treats create food that looks like it’s rotting or covered in bugs. You could also create lots of dark spaces with mood lighting to set the scene.

If you’d like to create a sense of the unknown for your guests, why not hire performers dressed up as twisted Alice characters who will go around your party interacting with guests.

Alice in Wonderland has lots of iconic scenes such as the mad hater’s tea party, Alice falling down the rabbit hole and the cards painting the roses red to mention but a few. Therefore, there are lots of sources of inspiration to choose from.

Twisted Alice underland table centrepiece, bloody queen of hearts and mad hatter and twisted Alice decorations.

9. Pumpkin Party

This is another Halloween party theme that is great for the less spooky party lovers. Therefore, if you want to host a more low key and creative Halloween party why not have a Pumpkin party theme?

Obviously, you’ll want to include some kind of pumpkin activity. You could of course do the traditional pumpkin carving or, alternatively, you could book a florist to teach you how to make pumpkin floral arrangements or other Halloween crafts. Whatever you choose, it will definitely be a fun and creative activity and a great way to celebrate Halloween.

You may also want to bring your pumpkin party theme into your decor. Consider using lots of oranges and whites, you can create centrepieces using different sizes and varieties of pumpkins as well as using other props and decor.

Furthermore, you may also want to include lots of pumpkin food. Pumpkin pie, Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin pasta and even pumpkin soup.

This Halloween party theme is great for all ages and a great alternative to a typical Halloween party.

Pumpkin carved faces, pumpkin flower arrangement and pumpkin workshop, all available to book for Halloween pumpkin party theme.

10. Horror Film Inspired

This is probably one of the best Halloween party themes to choose from if your friend group is full of horror movie lovers! Not only are there so many ideas to choose from but it is also a great way of involving your friends by including horror films you know they love.

Some examples of horror movies you may want to use for your Halloween themed party include:

  • The Shining
  • American Psyhco
  • Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Ouija: Origin of Evil
  • The Conjuring
  • Halloween
  • IT

You can either choose one horror movie to base your whole Halloween party theme on or incorporate multiple different themes to create one massive horror movie party.

Additionally, don’t forget to tell your guests to come dressed as their favourite horror movie character and create a spooky backdrop or photo booth to capture everyone in their costumes throughout the night.

You might also want to have a dedicated room in your house showing back to back horror movies depending on what kind of party you’re thinking of hosting. furthermore, why not consider hiring horror movie characters to attend your event in character to add to the scare factor!

Horror movie characters available to book for horror film themes Halloween parties.

11. Rocky Horror Picture Show

This show is notorious for audience participation and people getting into character, therefore, why not use it as your Halloween party theme.

With so many characters to choose from, each guest can pick the character they’d like to be and get into character. This theme is definitely for the creatives and the outgoing characters.

For this Halloween party theme, you should base it around a watch party of the film. Why not set up a projector in your house, or, better yet a cinema screen in your garden with lots of comfy seating and blankets. Make sure all your guests are well versed in the time warp dance ready to dance along to the film.

For the decorations why not decorate the venue with old posters from the movie and include iconic props from the show such as lips and stockinged legs on cookies and cakes.

Rocky horror picture show, poster character and table full of treats for Halloween themed event.
Image source Pinterest

12. Zombie Apocalypse

It wouldn’t be Halloween without Zombies, right? Whether you’re a walking dead fan or a lover of Shaun of the dead, there’s no denying that Zombies are a staple ingredient in any Halloween themed party.

It goes without saying that all of your guests should come dressed as Zombies. The great thing with this party theme is that you can make pretty much anything a zombie. For example, Zombie prom queen, Zombie police officer, Zombie animal. Basically, dress up as whatever you like and then turn it into a zombie.

When decorating the venue space for your Zombie Apocalypse party why not incorporate lots of warning signs, you could even incorporate the iconic ‘Don’t open, dead inside’ doors as your entrance into the party.

Zombie drag queen, zombie projections and walkabout zombie entertainment booked for zombie apocalypse themed halloween party.

13. Gothic

Gothic themed Halloween parties are a perfect option if you’d like to host a classic Halloween party with a touch more class.

Guests can come dressed as their favourite characters from the gothic era, or perhaps characters in films or TV programmes that play up to the gothic look. Some of these characters could include Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice Morticia and Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, Dracula or Sweeney Todd and Mrs, Lovett in Sweeney Todd.

It goes without saying that your gothic themed party should definitely have lots of black involved in the decorations. You may also want to consider crow and cauldron props as well as cobwebs, bats and dripping candles.

Serve dark fruity punches and perhaps even show classic black and white horror movies.

Halloween gothic table decorations, character and candelabra.

14. Halloween Murder Mystery

If you’re looking for a Halloween party that will keep your guests engaged the whole evening then why not organise a Halloween murder mystery party.

There are all kinds of themes you may want to consider for you murder mystery party. These could include

  • Agatha Christie inspired
  • 1920s themed
  • Murder on the dancefloor
  • Cluedo inspired
  • Death in paradise

Assign all of your guests a character profile and randomly select a murderer and then throughout the night, the murdered will have to go around killing off party members without being accused. This is a great Halloween party theme option for groups of friends who love getting involved in games and activities.

You can either do all of the organising yourself or book actors that can lead the murder mystery game for you ensuring that the plot and storyline are consistent.

Murder mystery actors and murder mystery cards used at Halloween themed party.
Middle image source Pinterest

15. Harry Potter

There’s no denying that the Harry Potters franchise has got a big following, and since it includes witches, wizards and creepy creatures we think it makes for a brilliant Halloween party theme.

There are many fun and creative ways you can use this theme for your Halloween party. For example, as your guests enter the party you could have them sorted into their different houses by biting into a coloured cake or pulling out a badge from a cauldron.

Why not replicate the great hall and hang fake candles from the ceiling with invisible string, or maybe recreate Professor Snape’s potion lab with lots of test tubes and bubbling cauldrons. You could even create your very own Horcruxes and dot them around the venue for your guests to find.

Don’t forget the food! We suggest creating a big feast table full of all of the treats served up by the house-elves. You could even create your own Harry Potter themed cocktails including poly juice potion, butterbeer and even some liquid luck.

Harry potter venue decorations, feats and floating candles used to create Harry Potter themed party.
Image source Pinterest

16. Aliens

Aliens can be a great Halloween party theme as it allows for lots of creativity. Why not decorate your house like area 51 or the men in black headquarters?

Encourage your guests to come dressed up as their favourite alien character or create a completely new and undiscovered alien lifeform! Buy lots of UV paint and glow sticks to light your venue up and perhaps even hang up some Unidentified Flying Objects.

You could even hire some creepy alien performers to meet and greet your guests and take pictures with them.

Different Alien entertainment options for Alien themed Halloween party

17. Graveyard

Graveyards are notorious for being the creepy place where monsters, witches and evil things dwell. Therefore why not use this as the theme for your Halloween party. Transform your venue space into a haunted graveyard full of headstones, coffins and even mausoleums.

Use strategic lighting and dry ice to create a creepy setting and why not have some open graves and skeletons dotted around the place. Make sure there’s plenty of dirt for that freshly buried effect and why not add in some eerie sound effects to keep your guests on edge.

Guests can dress up as skeletons and the undead to match the theme and you could even hire paid actors to pop out of confines and graves to make your guests jump.

Headstones, skeleton characters and spooky lighting used for graveyard themed Halloween party.

18. Carnival

To be clear, we’re not talking about the fun and lighthearted carnivals, we’re talking sinister carnivals filled with freakshows and trickery. Imagine dark corners where dark deads are done, scary-looking clowns who watch your every move and fortune-tellers who tell you all of the things you don’t want to hear.

When decorating your venue space you want to combine the garish bright colours of the carnival with dark lighting. You could hire a draping specialist to make your venue space feel like a circus tent and hire different actors to take on the roles of the different characters you might find at a sinister carnival.

Don’t forget the food! Include all of the carnival favourites such as candyfloss, popcorn, corn dogs and candy apples.

You could also include bearded ladies, fire breathers, sword swallowers and acrobats!

Venue draping, sword swallowers and creepy clown props used for carnival Halloween party theming.

19. Superhero

Ok, so we admit this theme isn’t a particularly spooky theme, but who doesn’t love a superhero-themed party, especially at Halloween. Arguably, superhero costumes are probably some of the most popular trick or treat costumes for children, however, we know a good few adults who are partial to dressing up as spiderman or Wonderwomen!

You can also include all of the superhero super villains to spice up your party a bit!

Decorations can range from the Batman logo being lit up on the wall to Captain America’s shield being used as a prop or even re-creating the Avengers headquarters.

Decorate cupcakes with superhero logos on and make sure there are plenty of capes and masks around the venue for people to dress up in. You could even hire the real Iron man or Hulk to make a guest appearance at your Halloween themed party.

Batman, Superman, Wonder women and Ironman characters available to book for Halloween superhero parties.

20. Undead

Anything goes for your undead Halloween party theme. Guests can dress up as anyone who has died, from Elvis Pressley to Henry VIII, Whitney Houston to Boudicca. Costumes will play a big part in this Halloween party theme so make sure to encourage guests to get into the spooky spirit.

Dress your Halloween party space in classic Halloween theming and include lots of great music to get all your undead guests grooving.

If you wanted your theme to be more specific you could go with a specific category such as undead Hollywood or undead singers or perhaps even undead historical figures.

If you are choosing a specific theme for your undead Halloween party then you can also tailor your decorations to suit your specific theme.

Guests dressed up in different undead Halloween costumes for Halloween themed party.

We hope we’ve managed to inspire you with lots of different Halloween party themes. If you’re looking to host a party but would like some help with event management, production, prop hire, catering entertainment or theming then get in touch with our events team today!

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