The world of entertainment has been undergoing an incredible change in the last decade because seismic shifts in technology have allowed numerous disruptors to enter the market.

Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple and others have made big Hollywood studios, TV networks and other traditional media outlets rethink how they approach the idea of success.

Not that long ago our experiences basically only lived in the moment they happened, in our memories and sometimes in old-fashioned analogue printed photographs that we could occasionally share. Today that has all changed due to the growth of the Internet, social networks and mobile connectivity.

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Today experiences live along a time-line from their first planning to their happening to their broadcast, often simultaneously with the experience, and then well beyond as they’re shared and permanently archived, all made possible by the Internet and social media.

If you have any doubt about the growing importance of sharing out-of-home experiences on social media, just take a look at what restaurant customers are doing. Now sharing a dining experience is much more than just posting a review on some site. Sharing a photo of your meal has gone big time on Instagram.

Previously technical entertainment was simplistic but effective before we had LED lights and 3D mapping technology. Performers used to trick audiences with pyrotechnics, smoke machines and sleight of hand.

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Historic entertainers used basic equipment to create illusions, using mirrors and obscurers to distort how the audience would see the performer. If you go back in time, technical entertainment can be looked as the pioneers into the leading the way for further innovation.

Magicians sawing people in half, putting swords into boxes and creating lavation tricks – these performers created all this before the rise of technology. Creation of hidden items, sleight of hand and mirrors to perform the perfect illusion, wowing any guests who would watch the performers.

Technology shocks can come in so many different ways, so I think it’s a very fluid market. All we know is the way people consume content and the way the content is going to be served to the consumers has changed.

I think the traditional players are going to be at a severe competitive disadvantage, we only have some predictions on some technologies and how they will shape future performers and event professionals. 

Take VR for example, as the technology starts coming into how it can amplify events and experiences – it can take audiences on a digital journey.

Using our 4DX pods at an event.

The only downside is that is currently quite a niche, which means you need to have money behind you to create bespoke options for your events.

One of the great things about leaps in the tech sector is that as it starts to become more accessible the pricing of things starts to drop, as there will be something new within VR that they will be researching and testing.

I think that anyone who doesn’t take technology seriously, maybe in for a shock. As we head into digital money, sharing and content creation – we are primed for a society that completely lives and breathes online technologies.

Anyone who is a traditionalist may be left behind by their competitors, as we can not guarantee where this industry will evolve.

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