Dwarf Performers

Little fellas with a big attitude! Our little people can be hired throughout the UK.

We have little people who have worked across the UK and internationally, performing unbelievable circus acts, including fire performers, live on stage shows and even TV shows!

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  • 10 years of experience
  • Worked internationally
  • Large costume selection for Dwarfs
  • Experienced on Stage, TV & Films
  • Previous clients include HSBC, Microsoft and the Royal Family
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Our Dwarf performers for hire are an eclectic group of entertainers who can perform a wide range of themed acts. Our Dwarves have had many years of experience of performing at different events, venues and occasions all over the UK.

We also have Dwarf entertainers who have performed internationally too. Some of these talented performers have made appearances on TV and live stage shows, which means that they are adept at performing to large crowds and audiences. Our dwarves can perform a huge range of different characters for different themes. Our accomplished performers will create a wonderful experience and for you and your guests at your next event.

These dwarf performers have specially designed and crafted costumes for them to perform as an array of some of the biggest and best-loved characters from TV and film. If you are planning or hosting a children’s party, why not make it a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed event and hire our dwarf actors to be the well-known Oompa Loompas? Our dwarves will come dressed in the iconic white overalls, green hair and orange skin. Your children will be delighted at meeting the Oompa Loompas.

We also have dwarf Star Wars impersonators who will come dressed as the ever villainous Darth Vader accompanied by his Imperial Storm Troopers. With the resurgence of the new Star Wars films, Star Wars-themed parties and events have become even more popular than popular.

You can also hire our Dwarf Star Wars characters for weddings appearances, corporate events, gala dinners and much more. We have other themed dwarf actors and performers such as aliens, leprechauns, motorbike riders, Christmas elves – who be perfect for accompanying Santa at grotto appearances around Christmas.

Our wide range of Dwarf actors and performers are a great way to create fun-filled events for you and your guests.

These accomplished entertainers will provide the most wonderful entertainment for a wide range of events including; corporate events, gala dinners, themed events, children’s parties and much more.

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